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Female Infertility and Yorubic Medicine

According to Yorubic medicine, there are ten mysteries (apart from the known causes of females infertility) behind the so-called unknown or idiopathic infertility and according to some modern studies; there is another mystery behind unknown or idiopathic infertility, bringing the total mysteries to eleven in number.
Some among the ten mysteries behind unknown /idiopathic infertility mentioned in Yorubic Medicine are not known at all to modern medical science and they are undiagnosable and some of these ten mysteries of unknown /idiopathic infertility are known to moderrn medical science but are disregarded as insignificant or nothing to worry about because few cases with these conditions prove otherwise e.g. a woman with any of these conditions may get pregnant but it will be a rare or an isolated case.
Mystery 1: Anti-fertility worms (Aran obinrin/aboyunje)  
Anti-fertility worms are not known in modern medical circle but Yorubic Medicine emphasises their roles in female infertility. They are three in number and their names are ginisa (okinisa) worm, latanlatan worm and ewuru worm.
Grinisa worm moves and makes sound in the lower abdominal part of the infertile women especially late in the night through the midnight. It prevents pregnancy by breaking the forming embryo and dissolves it in such a way that the woman would think that it is just a menstruation coming out at the wrong time, sometimes, at the right times. When this worm is fully developed, it is called ora worm and at this stage it can interfere with the woman ovulation and lead to anovulation/amenorrhea. The problem is that if such a woman goes for medical diagnosis, nothing will be revealed. They will say she is normal and that the reason for her infertility is unknown and it will be concluded that she has unknown/idiopathic infertility. But such a woman will know within herself that there is a problem especially with the strange sound and worm-like movement in her lower abdomen. I have treated such cases with great success. Within two days of starting my treatment, the worm will totally be weakened. For this worm alone, I prepare four herbal medicines of which three are liquids and one an ovule (vaginal insertion) to paralyze and get rid of the worm. I inherited three of these medicines from my grandpa and leaned the last one from a late herbal doctor that specialized in women’s health.
Latanlatan worm also acts like ginisa worm but in its own case the woman will notice that the blood (menses) suddenly/involuntarily comes out with a slight jerk or stretch of the laps and in some cases, the woman will be shocked without a reason before the blood comes out. For this worm, I prepare a special vaginal cream and herbal medicine that will get rid of this worm. It is easier to get rid of this worm than ginisa worm.
Ewuru worm on the other hand comes in the midst to late stage of pregnancy (usually between the fouth-seventh month of pregnancy) to cause miscarriage. If the cause of your miscarriage is unknown then it is time to suspect this worm or the second mystery that I will mention. This worm is the easiest to get rid of among these three worms.
We use herbs such as epaikun (curculigo pilosa) abere (picrima nitida), etc to treat these worm infestations in yorubic Medicine.
Mystery 2: Internal Heat (Oru inu)
According to Yorubic Medicine, this is also a major cause of female infertility and it is also a condition that cannot be diagnosed in the lab. It is not recognized as a cause of female infertility in modern medicine.
Women with this condition usually feel heat sensation in their lower abdominal part. There are two ways according to Yorubic Medicine that this condition can lead to female infertility.
1.     By destroying sperm cells of the man when it enters the woman’s womb: sperm cells cannot survive in a high temperature environment, they are sensitive to heat and die immediately when exposed to heat.
2.     By causing miscarriage in pregnant women: they destroy pregnancy in women, hence, leading to miscarriages
In Yorubic Medicine, we use herbs such as epin (ficus exasperata), amunututu (Indian spinach), etc to remedy this condition.
Mystery3: Sperm leakage/Involuntary emission of sperm (Eda)
This is regarded as normal in modern medicine but according to Yorubic Medicine, if the sperm emitted by the woman is too much, fertilization will not take place, there must be a certain quantity of sperm cells in the semen but in a case where much of the seminal fluid is wasted away, the sperm cells will not be enough again to fertilize the egg of the woman.
Not all involuntary emission of sperm cause female infertility except in case where much sperm are lost.
In Yorubic Medicines, we use asuwon oyinbo (Cassia alala), kaun(Trona), etc to treat this condition successfully
Mytstery4: Premenstrual swollen breasts (Somuroro or Ase oyan)
There are women (infertile women) who experience a feeling of heaviness and smooth nipples in their breasts as a result of swollen breasts. This usually happens few days to or on the day of menses. This according to Yorubic Medicine, can prevent pregnancy. It is not recognized medically.
Yorubic Medicine practitioners use herbs such as epaikun (Curuligo pilosa), iyere (Piper guenensis), etc to treat this condition successfully.
Mystery5:Too light or too watery menstruation (Ase lilami)
If your menstruation is too light or watery and you are suffering from female infertility, you need treatment for this condition. To modern medicine, it is nothing to worry about but to Yorubic  Medicine, it is a condition that if not taken care of on time can be a cause of infertility
We Yorubic Medicine practitioners use atale (zingiber officanale), epin (ficus exasparata), etc to treat this condition successfully and pregnancy usually follows
Mystery6: Too dark and drawing menstruation (Ase dudu ati yiyo)
There are infertile women with dark and drawing menses and to modern medical science, this is not a cause for alarm but in Yorubic Medicne, it is unhealthy and abnormal. It can be a reason for unknown/idiopathic infertility.
In yorubic Medicine, this condition is easily corrected with karandafi (Sorghum bicolor), lime (Citrus arantifoli), etc.
Mystery7: Irregular menstruation (nkanosu tin se segege)
Irregular menstruation can  be as a result of stress or any other factor. A woman with constant changing menstrual period can experience unknown/idiopathic infertility according to Yorubic Medicine sometimes, the menstrual period will not come for a month or more months. To medical science, as long as it does not come for more than a period of four months it is still normal but in Yorubic Medicine, if a period is missed for a month or more it is a sigh of unhealthy reproductive system and it has to be taken care of immediately before it becomes a big case. Personally, in my own experience as a Yorubic Medicine practitioner, I have found this to be true. It starts gradually. I once treated a woman that had menstruation only once a year prior to my treatment. It started gradually from missing her period for a month, then to four months she complained to her aunty, who took her to see a specialist (gynecologist). The specialist said it is normal and there is no need to worry about if. It progressed  to once in 6 months, then she was taking to see another specialist who gave her some prescriptions. She did this until she got married the problem was escalating with she started seeing her period once a year and she was moving from one specialist to another, one hospital to another An ovulatory  hyperprolactinmia was detected in her body but despite all the medical treatment, there was no improvement until she came to me. A few days of my treatment corrected this problem and everything becamenormal. This type of experience is not uncommon to Yorubic Medicne practitioners. Once you notice that you are missing your period for a month or more and it is becoming habitual, seek out a professional that recognizes irregular menstruation as a problem.
We practitioners of Yorubic Medicine use herbs such as bara (Citrulus lonatis), egbo tude (caltiandra portoricensis), etc to successful treat this condition.
Mystery8: Heavy menstruation (Aruda or Awarida) yorubicMedicne says that if a lady is bleeding hearity, death is not far from her.  We, practitioners of Yorubic Medicne, believe it is extremely dangerous for a woman to have heavy menstruation or be bleeding profusely. Another name given to it in Yorubic  language is isuneje which literarily means bleeding blood. This can also be areason for unknown/idiopathic infertility in women.
This condition can be remedied with the use of herbs such as asunwon oyinbo (Cassia alata), agbado (Zee mays), etc according to Yorubic Medicine.
Mystery9: clotted blood in menstruation (eje didi nin uase)
Excess clotted blood in menstruation is a sign of reproductive disorder in female according to Yorubic Medicine. We believe that if a woman has good reproductive health, her blood should be clean and must be liquid throughout. Occasionally, clotted blood can come out but when it becomes usual, then attention must be paid to it. Some women with unknown/idiopathic infertility often experience this situation during their menstrual period.
For this condition, we Yorubic Medicine practitioners use the same treatment in dark and drawing menstruation to treat this condition.
Mytery10: Unhealthy vaginal discharge (Aisan ojuara obinrin)
 This is an infection, usually candidiasis infection that affects the reproductive system of most women. Women with this condition usually feel itchy in their vaginal area. Even, some scratch the area until blood comes out.
We treat this condition with powder and soap in Yorubic Medicine
The eleventh mystery behind unknown/idiopathic infertility according to recent studies.
Mystery 11: Excess homocysteine
Homocysteine is a sulfur- containing amino-acid (building block of protein) found in normal levels in the blood. The normal levels are between 10-10.7 umol/2. Any level higher than these can prevent pregnancy or conception from taking place. The levels are usually elevated in the body when there is lack or deficiency of B vitamins like folate, B12 and B6.
For this condition, diet high in vitamin B complex are usually recommended. Foods that can make up such diet are bananas, potatoes, green vegetables, fin fishes, beef, etc.

For this condition, diet high in vitamin B complex are usually recommended. Foods that can make up such diet are bananas, potatoes, green vegetables, fin fishes, beef, etc.
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